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« How you can help » nous demande WWF « to stop illegal logging in Madagascar, NOW ! »

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Voici un mail à envoyer aux personnes concernées (lire ci-dessous). Je l’ai fait et si le cœur vous en dit, cliquez sur le lien « How You Can Help »

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Stop illegal logging in Madagascar, NOW!
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  • Mr. Zaza Manitranja Ramandimbiarison, Presidency Director of Cabinet
  • Mr. Andry Rajoelina, President of the High Transition Authority in Madagascar (HAT)

I am writing to you with an urgent request, that you, as the President of the transitional Government, immediately put a stop to all illegal logging of precious hardwood species in Madagascar, due to the severe impacts these activities have on the long term sustainability of local people’s livelihoods and the unique but critically endangered flora and fauna of Madagascar.

More than 20,000 hectares of forests, inside protected areas, have been devastated to date. As many as 100,000 precious wood trees have been felled, illegally, in the richest biodiverse forests of your home country!

A further estimated half a million more trees have been cut, to float the heavy logs downstream, causing extensive damage and species loss.

This destruction destroys forests and the services they provide to local communities. It also affects the tourism industry that traditionally benefitted this area and which has provided local people with jobs and a regular income in the past.

Furthermore, and sadly, countless numbers of lemurs and other bush meat have been butchered and eaten by loggers during their stay in the parks.

WWF, several local and international NGOs, scientific bodies, the media and out-spoken individuals have continually highlighted their serious concerns about the impact the illegal logging activities have on both intact ecosystems and local people’s future.

We therefore call on you to use your influence, and following on from your recent decree to ban exportation of precious timbers, to stop all ongoing illegal logging activities in Madagascar by all means possible, including:

  • Insuring that NO further export licenses are authorised or exceptions to this rule,
  • Installing a transparent and legal management system for the seizure and use of illegally felled logs, which if utilised wisely can support the Government’s costs for continued support to the environmental sector
  • engaging with actions, at local and international levels, to set up a transparent management of the wood chain of custody upstream to downstream.

We applaud the promulgation of the decree 2010-141 banning rosewood logging and export and we embrace the existing efforts by the ministry of water and forest (MEF) to break up the rosewood mafia.

WWF is willing to offer its support to help you in this process and work, if requested, with the various stakeholders to find lasting solutions to these problems.

Thank you!