Que disons-nous à propos de la gentillesse ? 13 novembre : Journée Internationale de la gentillesse

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Quelques extraits bien évidemment très subjectifs de ma part 😉

Croire en l’humanité : @Jeffechino
Conséquence de la Journée de la #gentillesse. Libération de Aung San Suu Kyi par la Junte birmane… Ne désespérons pas de l’Homme…

Il ne faut pas exagérer : @prettyzoely
« Trop bons, trop cons » #gentillesse

Conversation : @Toshikoshi
RT @tandriamirado Sois gentil : ne demande pas trop RT @toshikoshi: Samedi” le 13 novembre.“Journée de la Gentillesse » RT @prettyzoely C’est tous les jours @toshikoshi ne sois pas trop Carogne

Sinon, ci-dessous des billets de blogs mis en lien qui parlent de Restaurer la Gentillesse (en anglais)

The Bloggers of Kindness | zen habits
A little over a week ago, I wrote Faith in Humanity: How to Bring People Closer, and Restore Kindness and the response was overwhelming. As of this writing there are 168 comments on that post, making it one of my most commented posts ever.
And in that post, I promised to do a “Bloggers of Kindness” post, linking up to my fellow bloggers who talk about kindness and the concept of paying it forward. The response from the blogging world was very nice a few dozen bloggers responded.

Faith in Humanity: How to Bring People Closer, and Restore Kindness…
The other day I was at the DMV here on Guam, renewing my registration for both my vehicles. I got there early, as I hate lines, but realized that I forgot an important document.
Well, the woman at the DMV saved me about an hour’s worth of driving and waiting in line by paying me a kindness she accepted my registration by interpreting the regulations in a favorable way.
And that kindness just made my day.

Do You Like My Tight Sweater?: Rally to Restore Kindness (Ryan Reinbold)
30 Oct 2010 Rally to Restore Kindness. I’m at the rally today. In spirit.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central comedians though they are, have the right idea with their rally and their finger–I believe–is on the pulse of the real America.  But tomorrow, will everyone go back to being afraid of everything all over again?

Asia Observer – the friendly community to discuss anything about Asia.
Sometimes Myanmars say, ‘Mitta Tayar Khoung Barr’, which means ‘Loving kindness is missing, its not there ’. No Mitta, no loving kindness or Mitta in theories, without practice is ‘nothing ’. It is emptiness.

5 acts of kindness that just might restore your faith in humanity (timeisloveblog)
14 Sep 2009 Here are some acts of kindness that made national news, and are true achievements in humanitarianism.

How The Kindness Campaign Started (weinholds.org)
A Project of the Carolina Institute For Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership.
Spread Kindness, it’s contagious


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