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Découvrez ce site Health Sherpa qui a publié en octobre dernier 52 vidéos– à viraliser –  concernant la santé dans le monde. Oui je sais, c’est vieux mais en cette période de nouvelle année, c’est mieux de remettre en perspective ce qui a été réalisé. N’est ce pas ?

Published by DANA on MON OCTOBER 4, 2010
One of the biggest issues right now is health. Global health appears to be in the news regularly, as we find out more about health conditions around the world and compare these conditions to health in the U.S. Public health professionals are always trying to figure out ways to improve the health of citizens at home, and in other countries. You don’t have to be professional involved in public health to learn about the state of global health, though. If you are interested in learning more about global health, here are 52 informative videos:

De ces 52 vidéos, j’ai choisi celle-ci : Global Health Innovation in Africa

AfricaHarvard | 25 mai 2010 |
The Harvard Initiative for Global Health (HIGH) is a university-wide initiative whose mission is to educate and train the next generation of global health leaders, and create and disseminate new knowledge to address the major challenges in global health.
The Harvard Initiative for Global Health’s Innovation Awards fund teams of Harvard undergraduates to develop ideas with potential to improve global health.
In 2009, proposals were funded for teams that had completed Engineering Science 147 « Idea Translation: Effecting Change Through the Arts and Science. »


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