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Pour faire suite à mon billet concernant les actions de la fondation de Bill et Melinda Gates”, je viens de trouver ce billet sur le blog Baobab de The Economist.

En outre, retrouvez-y toute une liste d’articles déjà publiés sur le même sujet.

Voici un extrait du billet
Baobab Feb 7th 2011, 16:56 by The Economist online
IN THE past five years, Bill and Melinda Gates have given more money and ideas to Africa than most European countries. They discovered early on that the problem with philanthropy in Africa was finding partners « on the ground » reliable enough to do the work and not just suckle on the milksome teat of Seattle. In response, they have sought to make the most of their giving by focusing on measurable technologies. In this guest post for Baobab, Mr Gates argues that the focus of the Gates Foundation should be health and agriculture. Medicine, especially, is the very hardware of development. He reports that since 1980 vaccines have cut polio in Africa by 99%, diptheria and measles by 93%, and measles by 85%. Even so, the « wise government investments » on health and agriculture Mr Gates points to have mostly been designed and paid for by donors. While giving all credit to unparalleled generosity of wallet and spirit, Baobab would argue that given the limited time Africa has to take advantage of its demographic dividend—10 years at most—imaginative philanthropists (and many others besides) should urgently work to come up with new thinking and opportunities on urbanisation and new media. Software matters too.

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