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Screening on March 22 in Paris
Published February 10, 2011
On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, at 7:30 pm I Remember Better When I Paint will be shown at The American Library in Paris, 10 rue du General Camou in the 7th arrondisment near the Eiffel Tower.
Berna Huebner, the film’s co-director, along with Olivia de Havilland, the film’s narrator, will introduce the film at the start of the evening. A short Q&A session will follow. For more information, click here.

Title: Screening of “I Remember Better When I Paint”
When : Tue 22 March 2011 19h30
Where : The American Library in Paris
– Paris
Category : Special Events & Programs

I Remember Better When I Paint, narrated by Olivia de Havilland, is the first international documentary about the positive impact of art and other creative therapies on people with Alzheimer’s and how these approaches can change the way we look at the disease. A film by Eric Ellena and Berna Huebner, presented by French Connection Films and the Hilgos Foundation.
Among those who are featured are noted doctors and Yasmin Aga Khan, president of Alzheimer’s Disease International and daughter of Rita Hayworth, who had Alzheimer’s and also painted.There will be a short introduction to the film prior to the screening, followed by a question and answer session.
For more information about the documentary, to see the trailer and read the press reviews, visit the I Remember Better When I Paint blog Also, see a description of and listen to an interview by WBEZ Radio (Chicago) of Berna Huebner on the talk show « Eight Forty-Eight » from July 29, 2010: Art Helps Evoke Memory for Those with Alzheimer’s.

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IRememberBetter Hilgos Foundation
RT@elderpages Documentary on #dementia & creative arts.

Alzheimer, les therapies non-medicamenteuses (
Un film de : Eric Elléna & Berna Huebner
Format disponible : DVD
Versions : Français
Films : Je me souviens mieux quand je peins (52 min.)
+ 7 films en bonus : Recréer le lien perdu (6 min.), Organiser un atelier créatif (7 min.), Organiser une sortie (9 min.), L’importance de l’exercice physique (5 min.), Les Jardins de la Mémoire (11 min.), La méthode Hearthstone (9 min.), L’art et l’attention jusqu’au bout (7 min.)

Alzheimer’s & Art Therapy

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Dementias such as Alzheimer’s present a unique opportunity for therapy through the arts. As people descend into Alzheimer’s, there is often a heightened sense of creativity and expression through the arts, as they lose their more conventional means of communicating. Also, art does not need short-term memory. View this video about the Alzheimer’s art program at the Museum of Modern Art.