Semper Fi

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Je ne sais pas trop ce que cette expression « Semper Fi » signifie : Engagement ? Loyauté ? Passion ?

Et pour vous, cela signifie quoi ?

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An original song by Peri Urban Download here

Am Esus4 C7
/In the /city of /cats G D
The /firebird /breathes
In the heart
Of a foreign land
Fall New England leaves

/All ac/ross the cities of /men
/The women /cry/

Three thousand miles south east of New Mexico
Where the Coqui sings his song down in Puerto Rico

And in pretty San Juan Am/Esus4/C/C7x2
He calls out « semper /fi »


There is a dream where I scream and I scream and I scream
Ever faithful to the way things seem

But in this city of lies
The women cry « simper fi »


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