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Ci-dessous quelques extraits de billets relevés sur le blog de Marieme Jamme, une femme volontaire, tout ce que j’aime !!!

Why AID money isn’t reaching the poor in Africa
Posted on March 7th, 2010 Marieme
The entire aid industry needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency, in my view. It is worth reading Zambian author Dambisa Moyo’s recent book ‘Dead Aid’, in which she calls for a radical change in the way that AID is distributed in Africa. Here are a few ideas that I feel could help to make NGOs in Africa more effective. They should:
* Spend more time in Africa and do thorough research before embarking on a project
* Learn how to manage funds properly and how to distribute those funds in poor countries
* Find and empower local partners on the ground
* Learn and gain knowledge from Africans
* Not be motivated by a misplaced sense of pity
* Focus on bringing new technology to ordinary Africans
* Speak to the people – including other existing reputable NGOs – who already have success stories
* Use the appropriate ICT tools, or mobile technology
* Communicate, learn and share with individuals on the ground
* Get training in cross-cultural issues,
* Do not think that aid alone can solve Africa’s problems
I think that by adopting some or all of these ideas, NGOs could play a more productive role and help to bring real and lasting change to Africa.

Africa Decoded…
Posted on July 20th, 2009 Marieme
The Bill and Melinda Gates in the last three years have investing in some Agricultural programs in Africa and will be investing more in the years to come. Africa Rural Connect has just been launch to help and bring ideas for Rural African communities.
Food and water are primary basic needs for the rural people in Africa, without Food and water there are hungry and dehydrated, they cannot think straight and be productive. I think we need to look into our sustainable development strategy for Africa and the premier emphasis needs to be on Agriculture. We need to transfer our skills to Africa, give the right tools to people. Education and Training are the right tools that will help Africa and its sustainable development plans.

Reality Check on Dead Aid
Posted on July 20th, 2009 Marieme
Africans are born Entrepreneurs, they are self-resilient, they fight for their lives every second, the ones with the right tools succeed and become self-sufficient.
If Acumen focuses its energy on social entrepreneurship meaning giving the right tools, it will be an excellent vehicle for a sustainable change to Africa.
For the last 4 years I have been reinventing the world of social entrepreneurship and dreams, and it does work. I am honoured to see what Jacqueline is doing, as I truly believe that she understand the real problems millions of voiceless African people are facing today. The Gate Foundation is doing very well too on their Agriculture programs. Truly remarkable stuff.

Lire aussi sur son blog Africa 2020 http://mariemejamme.com/africa/
One thing is clear in my view, in order for us to have the prosperous Africa we want to have, a sustainable vision and structure needs to be in place.
An intellectual human capital invested in Africa means there is a hope for a sustainable future.


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