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Le vent du changement souffle sur l’aide au développement #windsofchange

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Tout est parti de ce tweet (du moins pour ma part) :“Ah que voilà une très bonne question soulevée !!! RT @intldogooder The World Bank as a Foundation? [cont.] via @CGDevThe World Bank as a Foundation? Why I’m Scratching My Head Over the World Bank’s New Vision… | Todd Moss | Global Development: Views from the Center

Et ensuite de cet  article lu sur le site de How Matters World Bank and IMF, Don’t Just Develop Capacity – Unleash It

The World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings start this week. My colleague, Tom Grubisich and I have put together a panel during the Civil Society Policy Forum entitled, “Winds of Change: Will it bring a new development paradigm?” It will take place on Friday, April 15th at 2pm EST (6pm GMT). The session overview, webcast links, and bios of participants (an exciting group if I do say so!) are featured below.

A livestream of the roundtable will be available (at high and lower speeds) at the links below:

mms:// for Windows Media streaming for Flash streaming

You can also follow the discussion that day on Twitter via #windsofchange.

We welcome questions for the panelists submitted in the comments or via Twitter. What would you like to know or share?

Please join us virtually on Friday and kindly spread the word among your circles and networks!


Voici donc quelques tweets que j’ai relevés à propos de ce webcast…

InnovateAfrica RT @intldogooder #WindsofChange webcast Fri 15 April 2pm EST features @innovateafrica @jselanikio@jhecklinger

wheresatticus RT @Andy_in_Pgh: Heather: The end goal of aid should be capacity building toward self-sufficiency. #windsofchange

ElizaTalks @InnovateAfrica You’re welcome! Was an interesting discussion. Do wonder how much it’ll change existing paradigm though.#windsofchange

prettyzoely The World Bank and IMF are meeting in Washington — why don’t we care anymore?…#windsofchange

mainakjas @ishanbose31 Got bored of the usual facebook etc! In btw, twitter has changed a lot in a year. #windsofchange

ungaro Uh-ohhh. RT @MarcoYuriCOMM: #windsofchange development develops itself. We need2ask ourslves difficult questns at individ. & community level

GlobalGiving Don’t forget to tune in to @intldogooder ‘s #windsofchange webcast feat’ng @jhecklinger – starting at 6pm GMT:

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @intldogooder thank you all present and online and continue this important conversation clap clap clap

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @heather steping back and learn from our previous experiences.

Andy_in_Pgh Aid indicators should be more intuitive. #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh  It’s not all about us. We don’t do development, we facilitate in on the periphery #windsofchange

Rachael_Quinn « We need to guard against this idea that it is all about us » #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange development develops itself. We need to ask ourselves difficult questions at individual and community level

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange the concept of time is important and IMPACT takes time.

MarcoYuriCOMM#windsofchange we need different points of experimentation and it is important to have that

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @jhecklinger putting money on the table than taking it off… no one has the monopoly on social impact!

Andy_in_Pgh John: No one has a monopoly on social impact. We need to level the playing field #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh Closing statements #windsofchange

Rachael_Quinn Linking government and civil society is important – its the gov’t that is receiving the money in the first place. #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange capacity development what does ‘development’ mean at the different levels will better direct our aid work

Andy_in_Pgh Heather: The end goal of aid should be capacity building toward self-sufficiency. #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM  #windsofchange @heather we need 2 define what development is about r w looking only about delilvery or about capacity to selfdelivery n time

Andy_in_Pgh Civil society orgs need a voice in the decisions that affect them #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh One of WB’s key problems: perverse bureaucratic incentives #windsofchange

Rachael_Quinn The incentive structure of the WB is not designed for facilitating these smaller initiatives #windsofchange

Rachael_Quinn Basically in terms of overcoming the power struggle with those who have the money (donors) and those that know best (CS)? #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @heather : be optimistic!!

Rachael_Quinn How can we put into practice ideas of directly empowering civil society when dealing with the big NGOs & IOs of the world? #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh Heather: Governance is not the same as civil society in dev #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange to know what can b done differently you have to ask them when assisting them

Andy_in_Pgh How do you help the poor? Ask them! #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @dalyasp @heather local decision making about how funding is used!

Andy_in_Pgh Can the World Bank do small-scale? Should it? #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange tema interesantisimo cambiar approach d ayuda a desarrollo fortaleciendo estructuras locales y terminar con bottomup approach

Rachael_Quinn Appreciate the blunt honesty « The bottom line: we don’t know how to do development, no one knows how to do development » #windsofchange

adumbthomson there is no such thing as an optimal development paradigm. Awesome. #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh « None of us knows how to do development. » #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh Grant aid isn’t always the best way to fund community-level development #windsofchange

Rachael_Quinn Building an info forum for grassroots movements & local org could really bolster the great things these orgs do #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @jhecklinger when people realise that their feedback drives decisions that concern them is when amazing things start 2 happen

Andy_in_Pgh Real-time feedback mechanisms for grassroots orgs could promote better aid #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @jhecklinger having the beneficiaries’ feedback drives decision, real time data drives real time decisions

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @salome invest in the capacity of grass root organisations, there are intangible ways of capacity that may escape our eyes

Andy_in_Pgh « Both process AND results matter in development » #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @heather humility and relaxation. Aid has a limited effect in development.

Rachael_Quinn seems so common sensical, yet still very much lacking: « we need to listen to those on the receiving end of the aid » #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @heather help supporting capacities and their effects int he long term not only focusing in the specific projects

adumbthomson if mid-level execs don’t get it, the company will fail. in this case the projects fail. don’t just monitor; evaluate too #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @heather donors should create an enablling environment, aid is still too project focused

Rachael_Quinn One of the biggest problems: « they created a project society and not a civil society » #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh There is a need for civil society (as opposed to project society) #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM @intldogooder #windsofchange practical advise what are the things institituions should think about?

Andy_in_Pgh « Donors, World Bank, INGOs can create an enabling environment for civil society in all its forms » #windsofchange

GHETS Rather than focusing on what we got right, we should focus on what we got wrong #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @TomGrubisich what happens after everyone goes home? we should worry about what we missed, what we don’t know!

Andy_in_Pgh « We also need to focus on the Road FROM Busan » #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh « Rather than focusing on what we got right, we should focus on what we got wrong » #windsofchange

Andy_in_Pgh The process of achieving results in development is not being evaluated enough #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange the process of development is often not necessarily valued and emphasized, there is more concentration in processes

adumbthomson tuned into the World Bank #windsofchange webcast. smart people. hope the bank is actually listening

ElizaTalks #windsofchange: Donors lack vision about the potential in mobile technology. I like! >Necessity the mother of invention #m4d

MarcoYuriCOMM  #windsofchange donors feel disconnected from those whom receive aid

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @salome how, why for whom are we doing this? that is the question

GHETS aid is product focused not processed focused. not looking at the who, what, how… #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM risk tolerance in your bureaucratic processes #windsofchange @jhecklinger

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @jhecklinger over and over we see bunches of orgs able to get online and raise money & connections to get things done

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @jhecklinger it is not about someone else deciding what needs 2 be done

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @jhecklinger negative aspects of development paradigm is frustration

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @intldogooder : what are the negative aspects of development paradigm?

MarcoYuriCOMM  #windsofchange @heather new ways of thinking is requiered, the future is there

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange we need 2 move from preplanned kind of model, let people take things in2 their own hands, it implies big change in thingking

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange @heather: traditional donors work in very lineal methodologies, & many changes are NOT predictible see the Middle East

MarcoYuriCOMM @Heather: Capacity emergence is to build on people strengths, realize what they have, take advantage of opportunities #windsofchange

ElizaTalks Joel Selanikio @datadyne: Problem with NGOs is that they have no business model for developing #tech beyond donor funding #windsofchange

GHETS Pleasantly surprised that Global Fund For Children promotes « Knowledge Network Workshops » – just like @GHETS! #windsofchange

GHETS Happening now! #windsofchange webcast w @intldogooder#worldbank #aid #globaldev

ElizaTalks Lemme: 5 or 6yr « long-term » grant. How often is a sustainable difference made in 6 years. That said, better than usual 2-3 #windsofchange

MarcoYuriCOMM Giving more capability to the people on the ground #windsofchange helping them raise money to achieve their objectives

MarcoYuriCOMM Turn networks into donor networks #windsofchange

ElizaTalks Salome Lemma @GFCnews: Grassroot community based orgs best placed to support their own communities #windsofchange #aid

MarcoYuriCOMM #windsofchange started @intldogooder

viewfromthecave Brown – often a gap between what the local people want to focus on and the available funding #windsofchange

ElizaTalks Given vital work listening to #aid recipients, CDA’s Listening Project desperately needs a new website

viewfromthecave I am interested to hear what Dayna Brown, Director of The Listening Project, has to say at the #windsofchange panel

ElizaTalks I am *really* enjoying listening to panelists chatting ahead of #windsofchange event…completely oblivious! Oh, here we go…we’ve started!

AmyCSays Hey #windsofchange panelists – we can hear your small talk! Luckily, it’s informative small talk.

AmyCSays Checking out #windsofchange live webcast on effective #aid

ElizaTalks  #FF @intldogooder for #windsofchange webcast – which is starting! Great panel lined up. @marcoyuricomm live-tweeting

viewfromthecave Will be watching and attempting to live tweet the @WorldBank#windsofchange webcast about to start

InnovateAfrica Will be on this panel. Check it out if you can. RT @intldogooder The #windsofchange webcast is beginning now #WorldBank

intldogooder The #windsofchange webcast is beginning now #IMF #globaldev #aid

intldogooder Join us for the #windsofchange webcast begins at 2pm EST (6pm GMT)  #WorldBank  #aid #globaldev #capacitybuilding  #G20