Playing for Change : Pure moments of blues

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Cela faisait bien longtemps que je n’ai pas écouté PFC. Savourez avec moi ces purs moments de bonheur !

De : PlayingForChange | Créé le : 21 avril 2011
– We started this track in West Africa with a musical group named Tinariwen. We asked them to play a groove in the key of G, then as we traveled the world we added more musicians to the song. Over the course of our travels it transformed into a global jam with its roots in the blues.

De : PlayingForChange | Créé le : 11 avril 2011
– It was a hot day as usual in Bamako, Mali when the PFC crew met Tinriwen, a group of Tuareg blues musicians, in front of a downtown club. We walked around the neighborhood together, looking for a good place to film and record. Luck was with us and we soon found a nearby yard with a large tree for shade. The next thing we knew the music started playing, children gathered for their own personal concert, and we all transcended to a place with no time, no fear, and no difference between us.
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