Mobile Trends 2020 Africa by Rudy De Waele

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Mobile Trends 2020 Africaa collaborative outlook curated by Erik Hersman, Ken Banks & Rudy De Waele – visualization by Steffen Becker – join the conversation: #africa2020

After the curation of Mobile Trends 2020 from early 2010 (over 125.000 views in a year time and now listed in Slideshares Top 12 of all time in Technology) and The Future of Mobile in Africa presentation I got great response on, I decided to spin a sequel on this idea and focus this new document on the future Mobile Trends for Africa for this decade.
With 7 African countries in the top 10 of fastest growing economies in the world the coming 5 years (The Economist, Jan 6th 2011 – based on the latest IMF statistics), Africa is becoming one of the most interesting continents of economic growth this decade.
Currently petroleum and other raw materials are still the main drivers but mobile technology is going to play a key role in the development. Mobile subscribers in African countries on average doubled every single year between 2002 and 2007 (in Europe it was on average 17%). Innovations in mobile technology in health, education, micropayments, renewable energy, agricultural ICT and social services on the continent may push some African countries in a leading role in some of these areas. Stability in African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia and the Republic of Congo creates a new investment climate. Through growth emerges a new middle class, stimulating entrepreneurship and leading to further innovations in many of these areas — there is definitely something moving on the African continent. Among the bigger challenges for many African countries is government accountability, and a need to address corruption and increase transparency. By doing this, funds can be more effectively diverted to the development of infrastructure, fighting poverty, developing services, creating access to education for all, … The document is co-curated by Erik Hersman from Ushahidi and Ken Banks from Frontline SMS. Together, we assembled some of the most relevant local entrepreneurs that are all building great things using mobile technology in Africa to draw up a realistic view of the trends for this decade on this continent. We encourage you to embed the document on your blog and write your own predictions or comments and experiences about the future of mobile in Africa. Join the conversation: #africa2020 Enjoy! Rudy De Waele Entrepreneur, CNO @mtrends BY NC ND


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