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Je lis Daily OM régulièrement maintenant grâce à Susan aka @AmazingWomen et j’ai trouvé cette chanson folk tellement d’actualité !!! Sur beaucoup de choses et évidemment à propos de NOUS LES FEMMESJe nous lance des fleurs là les filles ! Et pas qu’une fois, je vous le dis ! [i]

Ajoutée par Taylor510ceL9 le 25 mars 2007
2006 Philadellphia Folk Festival

The Roches – We Lyrics
Album: The Roches
(Words & Music by Maggie,Terre & Suzzy Roche)

We are Maggie and Terre and Suzzy
Maggie and Terre and Suzzy Roche
We don’t give out our ages
And we don’t give out our phone numbers
Give out our phone numbers
Sometimes our voices give out
But not our ages and our phone numbers

Guess which two of us made a record
Guess what the other one did instead
The two who made the record
Have been a singing group for ten years
Singing group for ten years
And now a trio we are
Born on the fourth of December

We come from deepest New Jersey
But now we live in New York City
We better get outa there
Before the shit hits the fan
Shit hits the fan
You might say where have they played
All over the country and in England

Who have we worked with
Do we know anybody famous
Anybody famous
Do we know anybody famous
Anybody famous
And as a point of interest
We spell our last name R-O-C-H-E

We are Maggie and Terre and Suzzy
We spell our last name R-O-C-H-E

The Roches – Today’s Music (Daily OM)
The Roches 1979
A singing group comprised of three smiling, free-spirited sisters, the Roches peddle a delightfully quirky brand of singer-songwriter folk. Sisters Maggie and Terre Roche, hailing from New York City, began touring as a duo at the tail end of the 1960s and even sang backup for Paul Simon in his early solo years. With the addition of youngest sibling Suzzy, the duo became a trio, and a dynamic, harmonic triangle was complete. The sisters’ 1979 debut as The Roches comes as a freewheeling breath of fresh air, a set of 10 insistently likable, tongue-in-cheek compositions that paint the girls as avatars of a new age of female liberation and expression. Across the length of the disc, they travel widely, fantasize about partying on the commuter train, and refuse to divulge their phone numbers—all with lyrical imagination and nimble harmonies. Produced (perhaps surprisingly) by guitar hero Robert Fripp of the band King Crimson, The Rochesremains a classic debut and a t! imeless, humorous ode to the joys and travails of young single life.


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