December 18, 2011 : Universal Kindness #TodayIsMyDay #DailyOM

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Should you find yourself interacting with powerful people today, you may shock yourself by not only acting competently but also being entirely at ease. You’ll likely adopt an attitude of friendliness that is appropriate in a wide variety of situations rather than an obsequious stance. This emotional equilibrium and underlying sense of human equality can serve you well as you move through your personal and professional lives. Your tendency to treat everyone courteously and kindly can endear you to others today, both people of low standing and those who have been blessed with unimaginable abundance. Your self-assurance may inspire others to feel confident that they can count on you to do your duty with poise and, as a result, they may offer you rewarding business or social opportunities. 
Accepting that all people, whether of high social-standing or those who enjoy little prestige, are alike in their need for love, kindness, and respect helps us interact more effectively with others. Many of us assume that because someone occupies a position of authority, they are not concerned with kindness. Or that those who occupy supporting roles are unworthy of respect. However, nearly everyone appreciates being addressed with esteem and thoughtfulness. When we treat all those we encounter with similar deference and compassion, we feel comfortable interacting with a wide range of individuals. Etiquette is preserved as the warmth of benevolence is spread. Your willingness to give everyone the courtesy they are due today will help you positively influence others and attract new friends into your life. 


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