Mon dimanche transcendental avec Sonic Tribe

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The tempo of Sonic Tribe never gets too crazy for meditation, or too sedate for movement; it reaches into thoughts until one begins to think in flute and move in tabla percussion, leaving the limitations of language and linear time far behind. Sonic Tribe would also be great for post-solstice Sunday brunches where the magic from the night before has carried over into a mix of exaltation and exhaustion in the faces of fellow travelers, for the music relaxes and rewards as much as it invigorates and challenges. You can smell the exotic scents of Arabian coffees and feel the nurturing late-morning sun on your face as you step out on the veranda overlooking the purple hills and lakes, and as much as it fills you with serenity, the Tribe is also ready to hit the road, and keep you smiling throughout the long trip home. Daily OM


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