Lundi magique d’inspiration – [Vidéos] quand les graffitis s’invitent dans les élections au Kenya #Afrique #Madagascar #elections2012

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Les vidéos parlent à elles toutes seules même si on ne comprend pas tout ce qui est dit…

Ajoutée par NTVKenya le 29 févr. 2012
There is a rare view along Nairobi’s Muindi Mbingu Street. Members of the public along the busy street have been attracted by a political graffiti drawn on a wall of a building along the street by unknown people. The graffiti clearly elaborates the number of scandals that have engulfed Kenya and political mischief practiced by Kenyan politicians.

Ajoutée par NTVKenya le  1 mars 2012
For the second day running, the graffiti has caught the imagination of many passers-by, with imagery-laden political messages. One message suggested that voters are so gullible that they would buy any lie from politicians. And as Ferdinand Omondi found out, many of those voters actually plead guilty as charged.


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