Holy Yeah ! Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon and the Dave Matthews Band Slow Jam The News About Student Loans

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When Jimmy talks to the UNC audience about student loans, he decides a slow jam with President Obama and The Roots is appropriate.

President Obama Speaks on Student Loan Interest Rates in North Carolina

April 24, 2012 | 38:53 | Public Domain – White House
President Obama discusses the importance of a college education and why higher education should be affordable for all students willing to work hard, and calls on Congress to stop interest rates on federal Stafford loans from doubling in July.
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AUDIENCE MEMBER: I love you, President Obama!
THE PRESIDENT: I love you back, I do. (Applause.) Love North Carolina. I love North Carolina. (Applause.) I do. Every time I come down to this state I just love it that much more. (Applause.) I said a while back, the thing about North Carolina is even the folks who don’t vote for me are nice to me. (Laughter.) I can’t say that about everyplace. (Laughter.)
Now, I want to issue a quick spoiler alert: Later today, I am getting together with Jimmy Fallon — (applause) — and the Dave Matthews Band — (applause) — right here on campus. We’re going to tape Jimmy’s show for tonight — so I want everybody to tune in, make sure it has high ratings. (Laughter.) It’s a Dave Matthews fan right here.

We’ve got some wonderful people who are here who are doing a great job for you guys. First of all, your Governor, Bev Perdue, is in the house. Give her a big round of applause. (Applause.) There she is. We’ve got your Congressman, Dave Price — Congressman David Price. (Applause.) Congressmen GK Butterfield. (Applause.) Congressman Brad Miller. (Applause.) Your Mayor, Mark Kleinschmidt. (Applause.) Chancellor of UNC, Holden Thorp. (Applause.)
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Four more years!
Four more years!
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