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The GSPC – A Plan to Save the World’s Plant Species

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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation grew out of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and is being fed into government policy around the world.
The GSPC highlights the importance of plants and the ecosystem services they provide for all life on earth, and aims to ensure their conservation.

The GSPC has 4 main objectives:
1) To halt the current and continuing loss of plant diversity
2) To harmonise existing plant conservation initiatives
3) To enhance the ecosystem approach and focus on vital role of plants in ecosystem functioning
4) To provide a pilot study for the CBD on setting targets

The GSPC consists of 16 targets for conservation with a deadline of 2010.
A revised version of the GSPC has been developed and is being considered by governments at the CBD CoP 10 in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010.


Download the Global Strategy here:

GSPC in English (PDF 2.3MB)
GSPC in French (PDF 0.5MB)
GSPC in Spanish (PDF 3.9MB)
GSPC in Portuguese (PDF 3.9MB)
GSPC in German (PDF 870KB)
GSPC in Chinese (PDF 1.6MB)
GSPC in Japanese (PDF 2.1MB)
GSPC in Russian (Word Doc 270KB)
GSPC in Korean (PDF 1.2MB)
GSPC in Arabic (PDF 1.4 MB)